Rapper Future Educates Artists on the Importance of Owning Your Masters

In this interview, clip Future educates artists on the importance of owning your masters, on The Durtty Boyz Show Podcast. @durttydaily He says owning your masters is the best way to secure your future as an artist and continue to get paid royalties on your music even if you stop making new music, and stop doing shows. Future explains a lot of artists that are signed in the music industry are trapped in their situation because of a combination of poor spending habits and poorly structured contracts. To get paid they have to do shows or drop new music. During Covid He believes if artists and their teams educate themselves on all the different ways they can monetize their music, such as SoundCloud and YouTube checks they'll be able to structure deals more beneficial for the artist. Do you think Future is right or wrong? Let us know in the comments. If you found this video useful follow us for more music business and music marketing tips.🔥

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