Content Ideas To Post On Your YouTube Artist Channel As A Musician

Content Ideas To Post On Your YouTube Artist Channel As A Musician

Having a YouTube channel allows you to connect with your fans and share your musical content. It may appear obvious to publish your video content on YouTube, as it is the second largest search engine after Google, and also the second most popular internet's first video platform, but posting on YouTube is more about continuously engaging your fans and audiences with consistent video content than it is about posting one video and leaving it. So we have taken the time to put together these few ideas on what you can post on YouTube to create that continuous fan engagement. 


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Because they are more cost effective and useful, a vast majority of artists now create lyric videos for their music. A lyric video shows the lyrics to a song while the song is playing. This content is quickly becoming a popular genre for record labels looking to create more content for their artists. If you want, you can make your lyric videos much more elaborate. Your lyric video should be simple to understand. A distracting backdrop can be difficult on the audiences' eyes. Make beautiful lyric videos by inserting simplistic backdrops. Take for example




Freestyle rapping is a rap style that can be performed even without hip hop beats. As an aspiring musician, you should start by learning how to freestyle rap. Rapping freestyle allows you to gain experience, rhymes, rap delivery, rap flow, and confidence in your ability to rap. When learning how to rap, the art of freestyle rapping, just like every other skill, can be perfected; however, as you progress, you must own the anxiety that comes with the fact that you might mess up your words and look like an amateur. As much as freestyle rapping keeps your audience and fans engaged, it also unlocks your creativity and if you are looking for beats to rap over, you can check out our beat store.




behind the scenes

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Fans are always curious about what goes on behind the scenes. Artists can sometimes take this area for granted, an area that most regular music fans would love to visit, but you could be giving them a sneak preview.

There's no need for over-the-top drama; you can do this with your phone, and a music producer or relevant member of your team who isn't afraid of the camera to guide and identify what's going on. The key is context; once that has been established, you can move freely, taking shots of the backstage to create a one-of-a-kind piece of content. 

Even if the song isn't a hit, an entertaining, interesting, and unique show has the potential to really go viral online. Whenever you are organizing a show for your newest release, don't be scared to think creatively. Posting behind-the-scenes content before the show starts allows your fans to see your creativity and inspiration put to test. Along with showing your audience a different side of you, you can entertain your audience even if you don’t have anything ready that you would traditionally post.


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They say that the studio is where the magic happens. Why not show off the faders, sliders, and live booth? It works on the same principle as backstage footage; there are several fans who would like to know what is going on; the more the fan learns about you as an artist, the more they feel closer. You can talk about the equipment used, the engineering, what you'll be doing (recording album, single), the locations, what bands have previously been there, and maybe an impromptu performance.

Allowing your viewers to see who and what is behind the camera allows them to get to meet the people that drive the team  and inspires them to see the team as a gang of awesome characters




live streaming


The simultaneous recording and broadcasting of live footage to internet viewers in real time is known as live streaming. We all want to stay in touch with our fans, keep them happy, and perhaps even help them get through these difficult times and one way to do that is to bring the music to them from the comfort of their own homes. Live streaming music on YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, or Twitch is becoming popular and beneficial to many music artists.

Live videos get a lot of views, particularly when they're teasing unreleased music, so if you have a good fan base, feel free to record a few snippets and share them on social media and YouTube. Regularly scheduled streams enable you to highlight different songs from your collection as well as other aspects of your musicianship, such as the stories behind your songs. 

In order to keep your channel active and searchable, you must upload content on a regular basis; this is the secret to increasing audience engagement on YouTube and all social media networks.


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