Facebook Advertising Tips For Musicians

Facebook Advertising Tips For Musicians

There are several things you can do with your Facebook page, and one of them is run Facebook advertising. Facebook Ads Manager is an excellent tool for defining and reaching your target demographic as well as attracting new followers. Every month, over two billion individuals use Facebook, so no matter what kind of audience you're looking for, you'll find them here. You can run advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Audience, and Messenger with only a few clicks. You can reach individuals on all of their favorite applications and websites with a single campaign.


Aside from showcasing your "like" count to the world, having a Facebook profile for your music has other advantages. You can do a lot more with your page than that. How many streams do you expect to get in the first week if you're preparing to release a new song, for example? Do you want to increase the number of people who follow your Spotify artist page? Or are you more concerned with the amount of times your music video has been viewed? That's why, before you start advertising on Facebook, you need to be clear about your objectives.


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Know Your Budget


The first thing you should know is that a Facebook reach will cost you money in 90 out of 100 circumstances. A daily budget or a lifetime budget are also options. A daily budget is the amount you want to spend on an ad on a daily basis, whereas a lifetime budget is the total amount you want to spend throughout the course of your campaign. Facebook ads utilize an ad auction mechanism to choose the best ad to display to users based on the highest price and the ad's performance.


Depending on your objectives, you can pay for your adverts using cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). If you have a specific call to action, say you want to drive fans to your Spotify artist page, then you can choose CPC, that way you only pay when someone clicks on your link to visit your page. You can use CPM if you are looking to spread brand awareness or to advertise your release date for your new single. You can use CPC if you have a specific call to action, such as driving fans to your Spotify artist page. This way, you only pay when someone clicks on your link to visit your page. If you'd like to increase the brand awareness or promote the release date for your new single, you can utilize CPM. 


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Target the Right Audience


Although Facebook will show your advertising to those who are most likely to find them relevant, as a musician, you may want to consider targeting the correct demographic for your ads. You have the option of segmenting your audience by age, gender, and various hobbies. However, as a musician, you have a few options to consider: 

  • Users who like and share your page.
  • Users who have seen and commented on any of your music videos.
  • Users that are fans of similar artist or bands to yours.
  • You can promote in the places and areas where you want your music to be heard if you're trying to establish a local fan base.
  • Website visitors or email subscribers.

Use a Custom Audience List


A Custom Audience is a feature that allows you to find your existing audiences among Facebook users. You may establish a personalized audience based on how people interact with your music on Facebook. If you have a website, which you should, you can use the Facebook pixel to build a Custom Audience of people who visit your website or take specific actions. This implies that even if someone isn't a fan of your page, you can still show them ads as long as they have a Facebook account. 


Sign into Facebook Ads Manager to begin creating a Facebook Custom Audience. Then, in the top-left corner, click the three dots and select Audiences. Then go ahead to select Custom Audiences

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select custom audience


Please note that you can only create Custom Audiences with data that you have been granted permission to use. Although it should go without saying, you must obtain permission to use other people's data. You are not permitted to scrape information from several different websites or download contact lists from people that have not granted you permission to access or use their data.


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Use a Lead Magnet


If your goal is to get more information from your audience, then you can use Facebook leads ads. A Facebook lead ad is an excellent approach to learn more about your ideal audience and turn them into fans. Your lead magnet needs to align with your audience's interests. When you target a broad audience, your post will be seen by visitors who may not be interested, which can result in more hidden ads and a decrease in overall performance. 

For example, you could use lead advertising to get people to sign up for your email list in exchange for one of your album's tracks. Make it as basic as possible, with a maximum of 5 questions, so that filling out the form does not take too long. If you're into merch sales, another idea is to give the first 50 users who buy your record a free branded t-shirt. Asking for a piece of personal information from your audience is a huge deal, and you need to make it worthwhile, or they won't complete the form and click the button.

Measure Your Ads Performance


Always remember to check in on your advertising from time to time, track their success, and make any required adjustments. Ads management can help you analyze your campaign outcomes and discover more about your audience, video views, campaign reach, and more. 

Don't just concentrate on increasing the number of likes on your Facebook profile.


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