Printful For Merch: How to Create Customized T-Shirts on Printful

Printful For Merch: How to Create Customized T-Shirts on Printful

Printful is quick and easy to use for selling customized T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, or accessories online. They have no hidden fees, and fully connects with your website or store, such as Shopify or ECWID. They have been trusted to deliver 0ver 41.3 million products worldwide and counting. You can use your own personalized logo, music brand name, music cover art or use our design services if you need some help or inspiration. With printful, you can transform your concepts into high-quality merchandise that leave a lasting impression.



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With Printful, you don’t need to pay commission on any of your sales, and since the creation and fulfillment is handled on the platform, you’re left with more time to create music.

It’s a win-win situation for you, and for your fans who want to support you. We will be showing you how to design T-shirts on the printful platform.



After selecting your T-shirt, choosing your preferred color, your printing technique and size, then you can go ahead to start designing your T-shirt.

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When you click on the "Start Designing" button, you can be able to upload your own custom design file OR select a sample design, add text and clipart.  You can always use our services if you are looking for graphics for your merch. Always ensure that your design print quality is good before you add to cart. Using the top selectors, continue to personalize your design on the back, sleeves, and label.



Personalize your tshirt design


With Printful, you can sell your band merchandise without worrying about upfront fees, product stock or buying expensive printing equipment. All you need is an idea for your merch designs and you are ready to go. 

Need help creating your designs? Dontsleepgfx team of experienced designers are ready to help you create the best custom design that you need. Send us an email or a message on Instagram with your ideas and will bring it to life.



Before you start selling your customized apparels, we recommend that you place an order for yourself to review the quality of your designs on the t-shirt or the quality of the fabric. When you are satisfied, you can go ahead to transfer these customized products to your own store and start creating awareness using Facebook ads or through your Instagram profile.


discover premade music covers and motions.

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