Stuck In Your Music Career? Learn How To Create Momentum

Stuck In Your Music Career? Learn How To Create Momentum

Why is it that some artists' albums seem to gain long-term hype and popularity but others seem to flame out? 

Momentum is always the driving factor behind several successful music artists' careers!

A popular misunderstanding among new music artists is that once they get a manager or sign with a label, everything changes, that from that point forward, someone else will be driving their momentum. While assembling a strong team is a solid idea for any musician, great artists maintain their own pace throughout their career.

These artists create momentum by releasing great music, drawing attention to it, turning audiences into fans, and afterwards developing on that fan base by producing more good music in a timely and consistent manner.

The primary goal, obviously, is great music and branding, but these techniques will help generate and maintain some buzz.


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Continue To Create Awareness.

When you present something NEW to either your followers or the general public, It takes a few interactions with your brand for them to listen to the song.

This is a tried-and-true method with TikTok, where the platform's constant repetition creates awareness of songs used by creators. This inevitably leads to streams and music trending that haven't trended in years.

So we understand that people need to connect with the track a few times before they will commit to listening to it.

You might also have die-hard followers who will immediately listen to the music, but the greater part of your audiences will need some persuasion to even put it on their playlist or use it in their social media content. 

Increasing awareness also involves posting some stories relevant to the song.


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This could be something like:

  • The story behind the song; 
  • Behind-the-scenes footage from the music video shoot;
  • A discussion with the artist about the song
  • Content developers who have created Reels or TikToks with the music;
  • A performance video, for example.

The reason TIkTok has always been a great platform is that content creators create connections for you, raising your music awareness.

Make Use of Tik Tok Content Creators.

Doing a dance is the simplest way to accomplish this. This is something we've seen before. However, artists are becoming more inventive in their efforts to make their music releases a huge hit.

Assume you release an afro pop song called "money in da bag" about having to spend money and living large... You may challenge Tik Tok users to put a lot of stuff they can find in their apartment into a bag and hide a dollar bill while another person finds the money within 30 seconds. Most folks work at home, and they occasionally want to relax while doing something exciting and fun. Now is the time to be inventive.


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The best way to get started is to initiate the trend, and afterwards find a few strategic creators to follow the trend with your music.

If you can get 3 creators to do it every week, you will notice that more content creators will want to make videos to your song as well, because they have seen the content and they love it

Here, consistency is the secret to success. Several artists also pay influencers to create content for them. We strongly advise this ONLY if you know they have a lot of fans. If their fan base is large enough, your investment may lead to a rise in a few other content creators coming on board and your music potentially going viral.

Online Advertising.

Because organic reach on social media is steadily declining, you should consider running some paid ads.

Most people focus their advertisements on reaching a large, cold audience. It can, however, be a great strategy to target your followers and existing fans while also creating another ad to target new audiences. Check out our Facebook advertising advice.

Make Room for Adjustments.

If something isn't working, you can't just keep repeating the same process again and again. You must give priority to both positive and negative feedback and make minor, if not major, changes.

To get film/TV placements, for example, you may need to change your writing style or overall message. To achieve "broadcast quality" sound, you might have to try new recording and mixing skills. In order to land the better gigs, you may need to keep updating your press kit with live video. Additionally, you may need to think differently and approach various types of venues (other than clubs and bars) in order to make money at each gig.


Continue To Release Good Music.

The world appears to be in a recovery period, as several organizations have begun full remote work for their staff right now, however this means people have more time than normal to truly digest latest releases, so give everyone some fantastic music to blast out and enjoy. This COVID-19 period is one of the strangest that any of us has ever experienced, but obstacles can often be the greatest catalyst for creativity. Express yourself and create something that your audience can relate to and get lost in.


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